Whiplash Injury, neck pain , Summary – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

Dr. Ebraheim’s instructional computer animated video clip defines Whiplash Injury, the etiology, symptoms and signs, medical diagnosis, and treatment choices.

Unexpected acceleration-deceleration pressure triggers unrestrained, quick onward and also in reverse motion of the head and neck. With a whiplash injury, there is injury to the soft cells in the neck consisting of tendons, discs, ligaments as well as muscles. Whiplash is typically not a life threatening injury but can lead to a long term duration of a partial special needs.
Whiplash is most regularly triggered by motor car crashes but may occur as a result of sporting activities activities. Ladies are more likely to experience whiplash. A lady’s neck is usually not as strong as the neck of a man.
Symptoms as well as indicators
Many people experience neck discomfort, tenderness as well as rigidity. Injuries to the muscle mass and also tendons lead to muscular tissue spasms. Many whiplash signs establish within 24 hrs of the injury and may include:
– Dizziness.
– Fatigue.
– Blurred vision.
– Neck pain.
– Difficulty focusing.
– Memory loss.
– Problems resting.
– Irritability.
– Inspection of the patient’s stance and neck.
– Palpation for locations of tenderness, cervical spinous procedures, paraspinal muscles and also anterior soft tissues.
– The patient should show the variety of cervical movement within pain resistance.
– Complete neurological evaluation.
– x-rays as well as MRI may be required.
– Immobilization of the neck with a soft cervical collar for 2-3 weeks.
– Soft cervical collar especially in the evening may aid with the muscle mass convulsions.
– Ice therapy.
– Physical therapy.
– Pain medicine, muscle mass relaxants as well as neck massage therapy.
– If physiological signs and symptoms develop, treatment of the problem is recommended.
If the discomfort as well as disability exceeds three months then the conditions tends to linger, -.
– The bulk of people will have moderate discomfort that will disappear in a couple of days.
– About 50% of the people will certainly have continuing to be symptoms of some type, especially recurring neck pain and also migraines.

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