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What are the Danger Signs With Neck Pain?

What are the threats indicators with neck discomfort that would certainly need you to see a medical professional? Dr. Dan Albright reviews what you need to look for when it comes to neck discomfort.

Transcription of Video:

Hello there. Just what are the dangerous indicators with neck pain? My name is Doctor Dan Albright. I’m an orthopedic back cosmetic surgeon in Raleigh North Carolina.

Exactly what should you fret about that should rush you over to get to the medical professional with a neck trouble? Extreme discomfort capturing from your neck down your arm with weakness. You should see a physician within a day or two.

Absolutely if your arm or leg is not working right you should get to the doctor. If you have simply a generic basic crick in the neck, your neck is aching that’s much less serious. That’s not a threat indicator and in some cases this needs to evolve.

Neck sprain, neck pressure, get a pains in the neck. If it just stays in your neck you are probably great, yet if you’ve hit your head in the vehicle mishap that’s another reason to see a physician. Striking your head could trigger even more injury to the neck.

It’s all right, it’s possibly a muscle mass, yet if that discomfort develops, if it migrates to your scapula, your shoulder blade or to your shoulder that may be a nerve problem. If it turns into extreme pain, especially weakness – you need to see your physician. A general medical doctor, orthopedic
specialist, neurosurgeon – any one of the above.

Other threat signs: shooting discomfort from your neck to your back, down to your leg that would be a problem. You ought to see a medical professional faster as opposed to later.

Tingling, some people get numbness. Which could or could not be serious. However in general a little bit of numbness is normally not that major if you have a whole lot of tingling I would certainly see your medical professional.

Extreme discomfort can be significant that’s another need to get over to your medical professional – if you are having extreme pain in your neck or elsewhere.

If you would certainly such as even more info, I ‘d be satisfied to chat to you any time. And our consultations line is 919-863-6808.

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