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Thoracic Manipulation for Neck Pain at Belmar Physical Therapy in Lakewood CO

Demo of top thoracic or top back adjustment for people with neck pain.
Neck discomfort keeps hundreds of people from really feeling comfort on a daily basis. Belmar Physical Therapy in Lakewood, Carbon Monoxide offers multiple treatments for discomfort relief, consisting of neck discomfort alleviation, reduced back pain relief, top back discomfort relief, as well as extra.

In addition to the assistance our doctorate trained physical therapists can provide, we also provide Medical-Based Massage Therapy. Clinical Massage also helps to ease discomfort, enhance healing times, as well as give patients with a better feeling of recovery as well as convenience.

Schedule a Physical Therapy Appointment with us today, or Schedule a Medical Massage Appointment with us today. We are here to assist, and prepared to help you improve your wellness.
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