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Q&A 329 – Parkinson’s, Fungus, Asthma, Migraines, Neck Pain

Questions & Answers 329

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Sun block and also its threats.

07:04– Bryndis– “I am wondering if you could assist me once more. A friend of my daddy is having issue. He is 70 years of ages and also is experiencing Parkinson’s and also prostate enhancement. ”

22:21– Stacy– “I am questioning if you will offer your easy to review eye graphes that shows the human body components that I can purchase?”

24:05– Evelyne – I sent you a YouTube question a while back, which you answered (thank you for that!!!). I don’t recognize if you remember me but I’m the 24 year old underweight female, birthed with brown eyes that are probably supposed to be blue, you saw my eye images. I’ve been vegetarian for 1 year and vegan for 5 months.

40:30– Marina – I’m italian 40 y.o. as well as I’m sensitive to dust because I was 13 years old. Last year I began with asthma crisis as well as it is very hard for me to handle that.

48:33– Cara– Update: Been VEGAN and also upping fruit for 6 months … and also simply lastly started your herbal mobile clean kit! Keeping up with a 5 year old little girl leaves much less time for rest as well.

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