Oceanside Yin Yoga Myofascial Meridian Neck Pain Release Yoga with Dr Melissa West 444

This oceanside yin yoga exercise course will release your neck discomfort and stiffness adhering to Tom Myer ´ s theory of myofascial meridians. In this 50 minute yin yoga course for your neck we fill comply with the myofascial meridians of the fascial system created by Tom Myers that influence the neck.

The shallow backline which runs along the rear of your legs, up either side of your spine, all the method up along your neck. The surface frontline which leaves the fronts of your legs, along your rectus abdominis, along either side of your of your sternum, and along the sternocleidomastoid. The deep cutting edge also includes the quads, the fascia of the lower torso and also the front of the neck. The side line runs all the method along the side body similar to the gallbladder meridian. The spiral line loopholes across the body in spirals numerous times, throughout the upper body, the hips and also the legs and also as you may have guessed it, the spiral line signs up with at the skull, so it is one more line that impacts as well as goes across over the neck.

Throughout this class we will conversely practice yin yoga exercise presents that attend to the myofascial meridians that affect the neck then sign in with the range of movement of your neck as well as analyze your neck pain relief from 10 being extreme discomfort to 0 being no discomfort as we progress through the class.

Yin Yoga Sequence: Centering, Banasana, Half Butterfly, Cat Pulling its Tail, Savas

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