Neck pain: whiplash injury treated with Applied Kinesiology

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ENG ► In this video, Dr. Robert Morrison -Chiropractor and diplomate in Applied Kinesiology- shows just how traditional Chiropractic modifications integrated with Applied Kinesiology are utilized to treat a patient with neck pain from a whiplash injury.

Video Clip: Running Worm Productions
Directed, shot and modified by Manuel Drexl
Boom driver: Simone Bellavia
Songs & sound style: Aurora Rochez
ITA ► In questo video, il Dott. Robert Morrison, Chiropratico e specialista in Kinesiologia Applicata, dimostra l’efficacia della Chiropratica e della Kinesiologia Applicata nel trattare pazienti afflitti da colpo di frusta e dolori cervicali.

Video clip a cura di Running Worm Productions
Regia, riprese e montaggio: Manuel Drexl
Fonico di presa diretta: Simone Bellavia
Musiche e audio design: Aurora Rochez

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