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Neck Pain – How To Crack Your Neck Neck Pain – How To Crack Your Neck

One of my YouTube friend wrote: “I hurt my neck and upper back playing football. A year later I hurt it again and I’ve hurt it a few times doing daily stuff. It’s very stiff and I can’t afford chiropractor. This (meaning another video of mine) hurt too much to do, how can I crack my upper back and neck without pain”

In This Video You Will Find:

– A simple three step free chiropractic adjustment to the neck

– Preparation before the pop

– Most Important thing to do that most people who are not aware of

– Two methods


Transcript for Today’s Video:

Hi welcome to another video. My name is Vincent Woon. In this video I’m going to share with you a request from aYouTuber who has pain in the shoulder and the neck and needs help in popping it.

There’s three steps to popping your shoulder/neck.

Step number one is to loosen up the shoulder area, shoulder muscles here, along the neck and the neck muscle all loosen up. Do it according to your pain threshold, do not over do it because you might hurt your muscle That’s step number one.

Number two is loosen up your neck. Turn to the left turn to the right loosen up your neck. Left, right and then you can combine both lift up your shoulder and turn your neck loosen up.

Once your neck muscles and your shoulder muscles is loosen up then you are ready to pop your neck.

One very important thing is to drop your shoulder, make sure your shoulders are drop before you actually pop it.

Some people will do it one way like this and some people like to move. Use the hand to do hand on the head and hand on the chin like this.

So basically what you need to do is just turn one direction and then push it opposite direction like such. 1,2,3 and pop. Did you hear that crack? And do the other way 1,2,3 and pop.OK! Go it! So It’s 1,2,3 and push 1,2,3 and push Make Sure your shoulders are drop. OK 1 more time. 1,2,3 and push 1,2,3 and push.

Or I usually do it the easier way like this 1,2,3 and push and 1,2,3 shoulder drop and 1,2,3 and push hear the pop?

Thank you very much for watching this is what I do to pop my neck and I hope it help you too. If you like this video please share it with your friends and leave a comment below and let me know what you think and don’t forget to visit my blog at and sign up the Stressed Out Stress Free Weekly Newsletter concerning Stress and Health and I see you in the next video.


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