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Neck Pain Could not sleep all night After getting up the whole back is sore Dr Chris Leong Adjust it

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Master Chris Leong is one of Malaysia’s leading bone setting specialist utilizing TCM methods. He is the family member of the illustrious Leong family of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners.
Chris received his tit tar training as a boy from his father, Master Lawrence Leong Swee Lun.

Chris later expanded his knowledge by delving into the science of sports medicine in the Beijing University of Sports, thereby diagnosing sports injuries and dispensing tit tar and tui na treatments under the famed traditional chinese medicine expert Master Wong.

Tit Tar is a healing system by treating the bones, joints and muscles for misalignment. Today, it is utilized to heal body traumas caused by everyday physical exertions, accidents or sports activities, injuries of all age brackets, joint related pains, ranging from mild to acute or chronic pains, to people of all walks of life and from the young to the old by using a combination of the arts and science of TCM such as Tit Tar (bone setting)

Some might shy away from TCM Tit Tar treatment because of the misconception of physical pain during treatment. This is simply not true, a proper treatment administered by a true professional is gentle yet firm, pleasant and even induces relief.

As for actual pain, one must only be prepared for a ‘shock’ when the physician aligns the bones or joints. This ‘stunned’ sensation will only last for mere seconds, and relief shall follow soon after.
Below is the symptoms and pain what we can treat and what we can’t treat:

1) Frozen shoulder
2) knee pain (misalignment)
3) back pain
4) slip disc
5) Sprains
6) Injuries from sport
7) Stiff/sore neck
8) Scoliosis ( if u are younger than 21 age and not over then 40%curve degree or lesser)
9) Dislocated joints
10) Kyphosis lordosis( hunch back)
11) Carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist problem)
12) Trigger finger
13) Migraine ( due to posture issues)
14) Collarbone fracture
15) Long short legs (due to misalignment of the pelvis bone)
16) Heel spur
17) Jaw misaligned (TMJ)
What symptoms and pain that we can’t treat is
1) Stoke ( better try acupuncture)
2) Ankylosis spondylitis
3) Paralysis
4) Birth defects ( such as autism ,cerebral palsy ,etc.)
5) Scoliosis more than 40% degree
6) Bone fracture more than 2 month
7) Hearing/listening problem
8) Erectile dysfunction
9) Parkinson’s
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1) You travel overseas, how do I know where you are going next?
Simple, just check my website: or Facebook Page:
2) Is this a massage center?
Of course, not la! From all the videos in FB, is obvious that what we do is bone setting. I repeat, Bone Setting…
3) Do you treat stroke?
Our bone setting technique won’t be effective on stroke, try acupuncture instead (we don’t do acupuncture)
4) Where are you from?
My team and me are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
5) Are there any charges?
All treatment comes at a cost (all of us went through many years of training/experience and this is a physically demanding work) and it depends on your condition. Very hard to quote an exact price over FB or through our enquiry hotline number.
6) For outstation/overseas treatment, is it flat rate?
Yes, it is, and this includes posture analysis, total body alignment and treatment on problem areas.
7) Do you treat frozen shoulder?
As a matter of fact, we do! Will take this opportunity to state some of the common problems that we can treat are:
Back pain
Slip disc
Injuries from sports
Stiff/sore neck
Scoliosis (if you are younger than 21 and curve is 40 degrees or lesser)
Dislocated joints
Kyphosis lordosis (hunch back)
Carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist problem)
Trigger finger
Migraine (due to posture issues)
Collarbone fracture
Long short legs (due to misalignment of the pelvic bone)
Heel spur
Jaw misaligned
8) Do you treat erectile dysfunction?
We are bone setting specialists and since a male genital has no bones, I’m so sorry that me or my team won’t be able to treat. Will take this opportunity to state what we cannot treat are:
Scoliosis more than 40 degrees
Bone fracture more than 2 months
Birth defects (such as cerebral palsy, autism, etc.)
Ankylosis spondylitis
Hearing/listening problem

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