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neck pain – cervical spondylosis – exercise

Neck pain – cervical spondylosis – exercise
Douleur cervicale – spondylose cervicale – exercice
頚部の痛み – 頸部脊椎症 – 運動
颈痛 – 颈椎病 – 运动
Neck Pain :- Neck pain is the main symptom of cervical spondylosis.
0:33 : Cause of cervical spondylosis ( Neck Pain)
0:46 : What is cervical spondylosis
4:29 : Exercise for cervical spondylosis ( Neck Pain)
4:35 : Turning head side to side
6:15 : Bending head laterally
7:35 : Turn your head forward and backward
8:30 : Chin tucking
10:03 : Interlock fingers and straight arm
11:10 : Interlock fingers and upward arm
11:45 : Push head with arm
14:00 : Interlock fingers and press forehead
14:45 : Interlock fingers and press from backward
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