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NECK PAIN – Cervical Facet Syndrome & Referred Pain Patterns

This brief training video reveals the referred pain patterns (referral areas) in clients that struggle with cervical aspect disorder. Cervical element disorder arises from injuries (i.e., whiplash, neck strains) of the joints in the neck (cervical zygapophyseal joints). Each of the Facets or joints in the cervical spine refers pain to particular locations in the head, neck, and shoulders.These reference areas prevail areas where viewed pain in the head, neck, as well as shoulders in clients dealing with whiplash, cervical sprain syndromes, head as well as neck injury.

This free YouTube clip belongs to an hour-long instructional medical video program by Dr. Conwell that covers thoroughly the best ways to perform a screening examination of the SPINE & PARASPINAL STRUCTURES (Program III of a three-program video clip trilogy) in the professional setup. The full hr long training video clip is a beneficial aid in assisting trainees as well as young clinicians who are trying to find a clear and also succinct automobile to expand their examination procedures to improve total medical skills. When examining for board exams, this training video clip may also be very valuable.

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Scroll to find out even more about Dr. Conwell’s complete 60-minute training video clip programs … Video Program I– CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM SCREENING EXAM.
This complete hour-long educational video clip shows the best ways to execute a neurological assessment to assess for a CNS sore which consists of screening for psychological status, cognition, cortex, cerebellar function tests (stride, control, balance), cranial nerves (CN) & spine systems. This video clip likewise shows the 75 second in office cranial nerve examination.
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This complete hour-long instructional video clip demonstrates how you can evaluate for a PNS lesion. The video clip covers thoroughly how to examine deep ligament reflexes (DTR’s), execute a upper and also reduced extremity sensory exam (dermatomes), do a top as well as reduced extremity motor test (Kendall & Kendall muscle rating range), review the brachial and lumbosacral plexus, and also the best ways to perform a “three-minute” PNS exam.
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This complete hour-long educational video demonstrates the best ways to screen for a bone and joint lesion of the axial skeletal system. The video clip covers thoroughly ways to carry out the aesthetic evaluation exam, palpation of the Cervical and Lumbar spinal column as well as associated paraspinal cells, Range of Motion of the Cervical and also Lumbar spine (active, passive, resisting maneuvers to DDx sprain v. strain), orthopedic screening (intriguing maneuvers), peripheral vascular exam, and evaluating for non-organic physical signs.
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