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Neck Pain after training Legs?

When performing workouts that entail hip hinging, much also numerous times I see extreme neck creases. It is fine to look at the mirror as a visual cue from time to time to assure you are performing the exercise appropriately.

If you have some neck discomfort following time you carry out squats or deadlifts, attempt to keep a neutral spine as you pivot- stay clear of excessively arching the neck as you move into these positions
What is neutral you ask ❓.
Your head is in the exact same direction as your breast bone (breast bone) and your hips when you stand up. As you hip hinge, your breast bone begins to encounter in the direction of the flooring as needs to your head. If you are still having trouble with this, you can prejudice the opposite instructions and preserve a chin tuck as you experience this motion. If this assists your neck discomfort at all while you perform your leg exercises, see!

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