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Neck Pain (गर्दन दर्द) Cervical Spondylosis | Exercises and Stretching Part-2 by Dr. Darbesh

Dear Friends,
Today my video is based upon Cervical Spondylosis (गर्दन दर्द ): Exercises and also Stretching
In my video I shared Exercises as well as stretching which you could conveniently do at your residence and also get remedy for the neck discomfort and also if you do not have problem after that cervical will never ever occur for you.
Just watch the full video clip and adhere to the instruction really thoroughly and with practice you will find that 100% guaranteed result.
If You need any Further Consultation the, Please contact us Below:
Dr. M Darbesh
Senior Naturopath and also Clinical Acupuncturist
With 25 Years of rich experience and dealt with greater than 10 thousand people with his trademark Acuwave Threapy


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