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Middle back pain, rotator cuff pain, neck pain + upper body tension RELIEF

Get the quad and hip flexor Kinetix partner fascial release technique here:


If you have any of the following, you’re likely to get immediate relief by releasing your triceps fascia:

Middle back pain
Rotator cuff pain
Shoulder pain
Neck pain
Golfer’s elbow
Upper body tension

The triceps fascia, when it shrinks, sticks to itself in knots and is otherwise unhealthy can cause all kinds of problems – from middle or mid back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain to golfer’s elbow etc.

Personally, I’ve benefitted tremendously from releasing my triceps because I’ve had on and off middle back pain for years due to looking down all day. Every time this area is released, even if I don’t have pain, I feel tremendous and immediate upper body freedom from my back all the way to the top of my head and shoulders.

I use the Kinetix version of this technique (where I’m stepping on someone’s triceps) to relieve all of the above mentioned issues. Of course I’m always looking for the root cause of pain, and we’re “mapping” the client’s fascial system left and right from the forearms all the way up into the traps, rhomboids, lats and scalenes.

More techniques to help with all of the above mentioned issues:

Lat and rhomboid release:
Biceps release:
SCM and scalene release:

The triceps however often produce the best result for a SINGLE technique.

To get the best result, perform this technique as described:

Move sloooowly.
Find the adhesions, and when you find one – go back and forth slowly for 30 seconds to “shear” those fascial fibers.
Find 3-4 spots in your triceps, from close to the elbow all the way towards the armpit.
DON’T just roll on the roller or massage yourself here. The goal is always to PIN tissue between your bone (in this case your humerus) and the tool (in your case, a foam roller). The compression between these two combined with your slow deliberate movements is what will release this fascia fast, giving you a rapid result.

Watch the full demo, then comment telling me you’re going to DO IT. Information is useless unless it’s used right?

Then I’d love for you to come back and tell me how you feel AFTER.

Pain doesn’t have to be scary when you know why it’s happening.

Are you learning to trust your body so you can adventure through life with confidence? Share in the comments!


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