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Massage For Neck Pain

Neck pain is a big issue!
Ideally this will certainly aid you when you can not make it to the spa!

I commit this video to my new customer, Trevor.

When I got a call from him, I was half-way done making this video clip. He stated he had neck pain that would not vanish. He believed a deep golf round massage would certainly work because various other massages have not aided him. Feels like this treatment with the golf round was PERFECT for him. I’m a HUGE believer in therapy using a golf ball with the SPAball Kaddy. It saves my hands as well as permits that remarkable stress in the muscles that the majority of us hunger for!

When Trevor was trying the SPAball Kaddy and golf sphere on his own neck (laying on his back) he said “Ahhhhhhh … I really feel like kicking my leg like a pet it really feels so excellent.”

Take pleasure in!
– Heather Karr, LMT

The brunette lady in the primary image (making use of the KaddyBACK):.
Melissa Naulin of

The blond female (using the KaddyBACK):.
April McNally of

– The SPAball Kaddy and KaddyBACK have actually not been evaluated by the FDA and are not planned to deal with, prevent any type of condition or treat or problem. Speak with a medical professional if you have a wellness problem or concern.
– A golf ball should never ever be used directly to sprains, contusions or injuries.

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