Be as well as enjoy urged by these Awesome Testimonies from Kitchen Staff that Val wished at a seminar facility that she ministered at. Shoulder Pain, neck pain, spiritual hubbies were cast out, these girls received amazing liberty in Christ. Hallelujah.

Are you dealing with pain? Going through financial setbacks? Sickness dropping the generations? clinical depression? Addicted to alcohol or cigarette smoking? Insomnia? Having poor desires? Marriage problems? Tormented by a Spiritual Husband or Wife? The Way out for you has come! JESUS CHRIST is the fact, the life and also the way.

The publication of Acts proceeds right here at Christ Healing Centre in Durban South Africa! Come and also get your miracle, the testaments keep bringing people along. Are you skeptical? Bear in mind, the adversary does not want anybody to be recovered, provided and also released, don’t pay attention to his lies. Jesus coincides, the other day, today and forever, He came for a bountiful life, God confirms His Word. Jesus is the Healer.

Have an independent mind, discover the truth for yourself through God’s Word. Be linked to the source of our supply, understand Jesus for who He is, through His Word. Email: or see our web site on

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