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How To Prevent Neck Pain From Sleeping

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Many of us complain of experiencing neck pain throughout our everyday life. Did you know though that the position you sleep in can play a big role in you having neck pain? Because you may sleep with your neck in one position for many hours at a time while sleeping, it is easy to imagine how neck pain can develop in you over time. Being in a bad position for months and years on end can even lead to you getting a bad cervical spine injury. Developing neck pain from sleeping is due to many reasons.

The amount of pillow support that you use can play a big role in whether you get neck pain or not. For example, if your pillow is too hard, it can force your head to come too far forward. If your pillow is too soft and doesn’t provide enough support, your head and neck can fall too far back. The key is for your spine to be as straight as possible as that stresses your spine, ligaments and muscles the least amount.

Also, if you can place your hand underneath your neck, then you aren’t being given enough support. Over time, gravity will begin to push your neck down, which will lead to neck pain. The key here is too bring the pillow underneath your neck so your neck is supported enough.

Another trick is to not bring the pillow so far down that it is underneath your shoulders. When this happens, your shoulders are pushed forward. This can lead to your chest muscles becoming tight, which can then lead to neck, back and shoulder pain.

Finally, to prevent neck pain while sleeping on your side, it is good to hold a pillow. This is because when your top shoulder tilts forward, it can pull on your neck. This is due to muscles being connected to your shoulder blades and neck as well. When you hug a pillow, this will not happen and you will prevent yourself getting neck pain from sleeping.

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