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Hi there, It’s Chad & Brenda Walding with The Sitting Solution.

We’re so glad you’re below with us today on our objective to elevate understanding concerning the sitting trouble. Our goal is to motivate you to take action as well as offer you the useful tools to do so. The underlying message right here is that you should take an active function in your personal health and wellness..

The Sitting Solution is the ultimate guide to fixing your discomfort, restoring your position as well as repairing your sitting trouble.

We wish to aid you come to be much more familiar with exactly how and also why chronic sitting is undermining your health and wellness so you could remove this possibly harmful unseen area. Lots of people “do not know that they do not understand” that frequent resting is a trouble. They are experiencing discomfort and suffering however don’t recognize why. You will certainly be extra inspired to make an adjustment if you recognize the ramifications of persistent sitting on your health.

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We hope you discovered this video clip helpful as well as if you’re looking for more services to your sitting problem check out our program here:.

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To your health and wellness,.

Chad Walding DPT, OPT L1, RKC.
Brenda Walding DPT, FDN.

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