Homeopathic Medicine for Neck pain ? Explain !

Namaskar Dosto is video me maine neck discomfort ke baare me aap ko jaankari dee hai neck discomfort kyo hota hai or iski Homeopathic Medicine kon see hai ye bataya hai.
subject of video clip
1 Neck discomfort
2 cervical Spondylitis
3 cervical pain
4 slip disc
5 discomfort in neck
6 Spondylitis pain

Homeopathic medicine
1 spondin goes down 20 decrease 3 times a day with some water
2 Arnica 30 2 declines 3 times a day
3 Ruta G 30 2 declines 3 times a day
4 conium maculatum 30 2 decreases 3 times a day
5 Reumatone oil apply on damaged area

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