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Freeing the Neck and Shoulders: Feldenkrais Exercises to Relieve Shoulder and Neck Pain

REVIEWED THIS FIRST: Shoulder and also neck discomfort could be really incapacitating and is usually pertaining to loss of mobility of your upper body and also rib cage. In this brief video clip Australian Feldenkrais Physio therapist Jodie Krantz shows a running sequence of activities that aid you find really feel just how the neck, shoulders and also upper body can function in a more harmonious and also integrated way, to bring relief of discomfort and stiffness.

When exercising Feldenkrais workouts right here are a couple of valuable tips to enhance both the performance and safety of the workouts.

1. Relocate gradually as well as smoothy as well as maintain the activities tiny
2. Do less than you know you can do safely (especially if you have pain).
3. Decrease the effort, allow go of stress in your stomach, face, eyes, jaw.
4. Continuously breathe gently and also equally throughout.
5. Enjoy the whole video clip with when prior to trying the exercises on your own.

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WARNING: Always look for the advice of a doctor before starting any kind of new workout program or attempting any one of the workouts in Free2Move video clips. All information on this internet site and also in our associated video clips is supplied as an overview just and not intended to change treatment or individual suggestions from a physician.

Jodie Krantz, Free2Move Physiotherapy as well as it’s owner, specialists and also staff members are not responsible for any injuries suffered or damage to building developing from a person or individuals getting involved in Free2Move exercise programs or following our on-line exercise video clips.

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