FIX This Trapezius Workout Mistake / Causes Sore Shoulder & Neck Pain!

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While this is true to an extent, you will be neglecting your lower traps. Your top catches work to raise your shoulder blades, while your reduced traps function to depress them.

With time from your trapezius exercise your top traps can end up being as well leading. This can cause you to have an elevated shoulder on one or both sides. Likewise, an aching shoulder and also neck discomfort can arise from this as well.

To fix this, you will certainly wish to do 2 things. Initially, stretch your upper traps. This entails initially depressing your shoulder. Side bend your head to the opposite side and turn to the same side. Delicately flex your head down. Hold this for 30 secs on each side.

Next, you will certainly want to workout your reduced traps to repair this muscle imbalance. To do this, you can do the Y workout where you lay face down on a bench. Next, take 2 5 extra pound dumbbells with your thumbs directed up. Bring them approximately your head sluggish, after that down slow-moving. Also, you can do the lat pulldown maker as well as bring it to your upper body and hold.
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