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First Time Chiropractic Neck Adjustment for Neck & Shoulder Pain, Chiro Cracks Neck

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First Time Chiropractor Neck & Back Adjustment Demonstration by Austin Chiropractic Care

Dr. Echols is a Chiropractor in Austin, Texas. After discussing why people are afraid of chiropractic, Dr. Echols gives a person their first adjustment. This is a neck and back adjustment demonstration. Chiropractic adjustments for the back and neck correct problems with back pain, tight muscles, subluxations and misalignments.

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Part 1:
Chiropractic Care for Frozen Shoulder, Carpal Tunnel, Chiro Adjustment Demonstrations

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First Time Chiropractic Exam & Neck Adjustment For Neck Pain Relief & Neck Problems

Back & Neck Pain Chiropractic Adjustment by Austin Chiropractor Dr. Jeff Echols | Psychetruth Health

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