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Today we’re mosting likely to speak about dreadlocks … and neck discomfort!

Some people obtain the perception that dreadlocks are incredibly weighty – I imply check out them, huge, thick, large things anchoring down their wearer’s heads! Definitely these points have to result in a considerable pressure birthing down on my neck – potentially causing pain and also neck pain.

While they might look bulky as well as massive … it’s still just hair – if you rest down as well as start a set of dreadlocks, the resulting dreadlocks will evaluate simply the very same as the hair that you began out with … so as long as that hair didn’t cause you discomfort, the dreadlocks should not cause you pain (undoubtedly the situation is going to be various if you add extensions onto the dreadlocks). Now it might be a little deceitful in that you may start out with hair that’s breast length and also end up with dreadlocks that are shoulder length – as dreadlocks may reduce up considerably as they lock, so a length of dreadlock doesn’t weight the same as a size of hair – it weighs as much as the hair that it’s made from – which may be dramatically longer than the size of the dreadlock … but again, it’s still hair – mass just gets added at the price which the hair grows, so normally so slow that you would certainly never ever discover them getting heavier.

Currently undoubtedly there are extremes – the weight does increase with size – grow them long sufficient as well as you’re mosting likely to understand that you’ve obtained them – though you ‘d discover regular hair if you grew it out long enough.

Allow me return currently to where I stated they just weigh as much as the hair, a lot of the moment. The actual issue when it pertains to dreadlocks and also weight is not so much the dreadlocks themselves, but the water that they could hold when you wash them – I attempted to show this is my weighing dreadlocks video … but it’s not so simple to weigh dreadlocks!. Dreadlocks could absorb water like a sponge – a completely dry sponge doesn’t consider all that a lot, soak it up with water and you’ll be able to tell. Slow weight adjustments as a result of the hair expanding are not obvious – immediate weight modifications as a result of taking in water, those modifications are recognizable. It’s when the hair is wet that you may experience discomfort – which is among a few reasons why it’s a good idea to attempt and also dry dreadlocks in as prompt a manner as feasible. The longer the dreadlocks, the more water they will absorb, the even more they’ll evaluate while damp, and the longer they’ll take to completely dry – therefore the issue with dreadlocks and also neck discomfort is not a lot down to the dreadlocks themselves, yet even more to the weight they can obtain while being cleaned.

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