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Chiropractor ERASES pain of 25 year old STRUCK by CAR 8 years ago (2018)

25 years of age Guillermo (Chris) was struck by an automobile traveling 45 mph 8 years ago. Ever since he has actually never ever been the same. The Medical doctors obviously located absolutely nothing incorrect with him but he has remained in serious discomfort for 8 years. His signs are: Nausea, Head Pressure, Vertigo, Tinnitus, Dizziness, Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Heartburn, Sleep concerns, Insomnia, Anxiety/Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Difficulty Concentrating, Vision & Hearing difficulty. All I can say is this boy was not doing well and when individual’s such as this are pull down by MAINSTREAM MEDICINE after that think that exists to pic up the pieces ME!!! I like helping Chris as well as sharing his tale with every one of you. Follow us on Instagram or visit us at or call us at (949) 548-7767.

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