Cervical facet joint injection procedure for neck pain

Aspect joints are a set of tiny joints in between every two nearby vertebrae in the back. Cervical element joints are those responsible for the cervical spinal column’s (at the neck and also top of spine) capacity to turn, as well as flexing forwards and also in reverse. Discomfort created by disturbance to the cervical aspect joints will certainly be really felt in the head, neck, shoulder or arm.

Facet Joint Blocks for the Treatment of Neck Pain

As a professional suffering medication at the Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust in London as well as Medical Director of the London Pain Clinic, Dr Chris Jenner works daily with patients that endure from some of the most common, painful as well as yet misinterpreted conditions to influence people around the globe today.

Alongside a raft of expert credentials and greater than 15 years’ experience in the specialised area of discomfort medication, Dr Jenner has a true interest for his topic, a fact which is not just noticeable through his dedication to using the extremely ideal cutting-edge therapies, but additionally via his need to comprehend the impact of acute and also chronic discomfort on the daily lives of his clients.

Dr Jenner’s experience in treating problems such as spinal pain, fibromyalgia and also joint inflammation has led him to turn into one of the leading authorities in his field. Using an all natural technique and a variety of therapies which typically combine drug with minimally-invasive discomfort administration treatments, he deals with his clients to bring back a pain-free presence, greater levels of physical function and a significantly boosted quality of life.

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