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Botox for Neck Pain – Dr Michelle Weiner – Aventura Florida

Dr. Michelle Weiner discuss the treatment of headaches and also persistent neck pain with Botox.
Advanced Spine Surgery – Learn your discomfort relief choices – Avoid Spine Fusion – complimentary specialist MRI testimonial as well as phone appointment.
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Find out more concerning minimally invasive endoscopic back/ back surgical treatment and Save Thousands on your spinal column surgical treatment!

If you’ve been dealing with disc herniation, annular splits, back stenosis, lumbar stenosis, aspect syndrome or other unpleasant spinal column condition, it’s important that you do not lose time due to the fact that the longer you have a pain, the longer it can take to vanish after therapy.

There are a variety of choices that can aid you get clear-cut pain in the back relief. Let us help you return to a pain-free way of life.

Thousands of clients are currently taking pleasure in the advantages of these treatments.

Ask for a complimentary individually appointment as well as learn: …

* What are my choices?
* How a lot does a minimally invasive surgical procedure price?
* How would certainly my treatment be detailed?
* How is the recuperation phase?
If I’m a prospect for endoscopic laser surgery, * Find out

* Back Surgery *
Foraminal Stenosis
Disc Herniation
Aspect Syndrome Pain
Failed Back Surgery

* Neck Surgery *
Foraminal Stenosis
Disc Herniation
Aspect Syndrome
Failed Fusion Surgery

* Back Pain *
Degenerative Disc (condition).
Disc Herniaton.
Sciatic nerve pain.
Squeezed Nerve.
Aspect Pain.
Annular Tears.

* Neck Pain *.
Degenerative Disc (Disease).
Pinched Nerve.
Aspect Pain.
Arm Pain.
Shoulder Pain.

* Non-Surgical Options *.
Discomfort management, physical treatment, workout as well as wellness.

## Free Phone Consultations ## – An Endoscopic Orthopedic Surgeon will evaluate your MRI and also discover your options with you.


MIAMI, FLORIDA OFFICE: 1-305-690-0722.
NEWPORT BEACH, CA OFFICE: 1-949-430-6658.

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