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Biceps fascial release for elbow pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and more

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The biceps play a big role in a lot of upper body pain. If you work at a desk, are on your phone all day typing away, hold children, lift heavy things in a gym – basically if you’re alive – chances are your biceps fascia is super restricted.

The biceps, when restricted, can cause shoulder pain, neck pain, wrist pain, elbow pain and chain reactions that can even affect your hips and trickle down to your knees and feet.

I always advocate getting a FULL picture of your body’s fascial system so you’re not throwing darts at pain, but if you have only a few minutes and want the most relief you can get…this technique will work wonders.

For BEST results, map your whole upper and lower body, find your imbalances, assess your nervous system, toxicity levels and level of alignment between mind, body and spirit. Pain arises when we are out of alignment somewhere, and even if the pain is physical – the root cause may be emotional or psychological.

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