Best Pillows for Side Sleepers – More Support To Avoid Neck Pain!

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When it comes to side sleeping, it’s usually best to get something more firmly supportive with a relatively lofty build. This way, when you’re on your side, your shoulder is getting that nice pressure relief and your head is held in neutral alignment with your spine. And once you’ve found a side sleeper pillow that does all that, you can dive deeper into the details! For example, I’m a side sleeper but I’m also a very warm sleeper, so I often prioritize breathability and cooling features. I also like my pillow to be foldable and shapeable so I can sort of personalize the loft to my liking. Essentially, while there are some very helpful guidelines to follow, every side sleeper finds their comfort zone differently and there are many aspects to consider.

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Side and Stomach:


Nest Easy Breather:




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