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Your height is different from other members of your family, so is your body structure and the broadness of your shoulders. Obviously, the distance between the occipital protuberance (that bony projection on the back of your head) and C7, the cervical lowest most vertebrae (from where your neck starts to curve) is most probably different compared to most members of your family. Then how come, your pillow and their pillow is the same?
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Neckfit is good whether you are healthy or suffer from cervical spondylosis, shoulder pain, stiff neck or back pain. Consider to replace your current pillow with Neckfit which offers the best design that your pillow needs to have. The innovatively designed orthopedic pillow Neckfit is the most suitable cervical pillow for neck pain.
Why wake up with neck and shoulder pain or stiffness? For best sleeping position for neck pain and headaches, use Neckfit and correct curvature of the spine while sleeping. Neckfit ensures sound sleep, without compromising your body posture.
Neckfit has many variants to meet your need for the most appropriate pillow for you.
Neckfit Classic:
Suitable if you have a shallow or flat neck curve. Your neck is supported while you are lying flat even though your head is resting on the same level as your shoulders, i.e. on your bed. And when you turn to your side the pillow gently elevates your head and rests it higher in alignment to your neck, about 2.5 – 3.5 inches higher, without disturbing your sleep. Use Neckfit and prevent shoulder pain while sleeping.
Neckfit Cross:
Suitable if you have moderate curvature of the neck and need some added support to your neck, while sleeping. As in the case of Neckfit classic, Neckfit Cross allows your head to rest on the same level as your shoulders, while you sleep on your back and rests your head higher in alignment to your neck, about 2.5 – 3.5 inches higher, when you turn to your sides, without having you to adjust your pillow for height.
Neckfit Island :
On Neckfit Island, your head is rested on a small cushion in the middle (the Occipital Pit) about an inch above the surface of your bed. Also, your neck gets continuous support as you shift to your sides resting your head higher at about 2.5 to 3.5 inches above the surface of the bed, without you adjusting the pillow.
Neckfit Plus :
Suitable if you have curvaceous necks. Despite supporting a deeply curvaceous neck, Neckfit plus allows the head to rest on the same level as the shoulders, when you sleep on the back. And as you shift to your sides, your head is well taken care of and positioned to rest at the required 2.5 – 3.5 inches higher to the bed.
Neckfit pillows are wonderful as back support while sitting on the bed, neck support, while working on laptops, reading a book or watching TV etc. Neckfit is a must have travel accessory, to give you same comfortable sleep on the train, that you get on your bed at home. It fits in politely inside your travel bag.
Please check various sizes and the softness levels of Neckfit pillows, before you order. This will ensure, you get Neckfit, especially made for you.
If you are undergoing cervical spondylosis treatment, Neckfit may help you a lot.

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