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Relief for neck pain – fix a stiff neck | Total Performance Physical Therapy | 215.997.9898

A couple of terrific exercises to do if you wake up with a rigid neck. Provided by Total Performance Physical Therapy www.TotalPerformancePT.com 215-997-9898 Total Performance Physical Therapy Physical Therapy North Wales, PA . Physical Therapy Hatfield, PA. 215.997.9898. www.totalperformancept.com. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TotalPerformancePhysicalTherapy/. Twitter. totalppt. You tube https://www.youtube.com/user/tpphysicaltherapy. Complete Performance Physical Therapy […]

Some easy exercises to relieve back and neck pain while at work (www.explania.com)

Embed the original HD video clip on your web site or blog free of charge through http://www.explania.com/en/animations/detail/some-easy-exercises-to-relieve-back-and-neck-pain-while-at-work or watch a lot more computer animations on http://www.explania.com This short movie about healthy computing provides some simple useful workouts to alleviate back and neck pain while at the office, such as the […]

FIX Sternocleidomastoid (SCM) Muscle Neck Pain, Headaches & Jaw Pain With This Stretch!

Obtain My Greatest Posture Info & Tips Here: http://madmimi.com/signups/225816/join Thumbnail Image From © Sebastian Kaulitzki/ Fotolia ************************************** The Sternocleidomastoid is a thick, effective muscle mass in the neck. Due to the inadequate stance that several of us go right into each day, this muscular tissue can get really tight. Certainly, […]

Numbness and Tingling, Shoulder Pain, Lower Neck Pain

The “Pins and needles and Prickling, Shoulder Discomfort, Reduced Neck Discomfort” video (http://youtu.be/UqKstlf_thA) demonstrates a before as well as after of a person at The Hayden Institute, in Houston, TX. Numbness and prickling in the hands is an usual signs and symptom of repetitive strain injury, specifically in the presence […]

What are the Danger Signs With Neck Pain?

What are the threats indicators with neck discomfort that would certainly need you to see a medical professional? Dr. Dan Albright reviews what you need to look for when it comes to neck discomfort. Transcription of Video: Hello there. Just what are the dangerous indicators with neck pain? My name […]

Dizziness and Neck Pain

Dr. Centeno discusses how lightheadedness and also neck pain are connected. The cause is generally the top neck. Therapy is also examined.