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4 Yoga Stretches For Neck Pain – Video Demonstration

With yoga we build our neck muscles but we also build muscle strength in the muscles that support our neck.

The first stretch we did today was a Triangle Pose. You come in to that pose from “wide legged” stance, so both of your feet can be headed towards a wall in front of you, and you’ll just turn one foot out 90 degrees, so that your front heel is in line with arch of your back foot.

So from there, keeping both legs straight, you’ll just extend your arms and lean forward and then drop front arm down, and so keep your heart nice and open as you are gliding towards the floor.

We don’t want you to strain the neck so if you feel any pain at all, just back out of position and also focus on your breath. When you’re connected to the breath you will notice any sensations of pain that will help you whether you should back out the pose, on not.

The second pose that we did was Side Angle Pose, and the foot position in that pose is the same as in the triangle pose. So, with your feet in that position with the front foot straight ahead and the back foot perpendicular with heal to arch alignment, you’ll begin to bend in the front knee. On inhale bring your arms out nice and tall, so that they’re parallel to the floor, and then just bring a bend in to your front arm, and gently exhale and bring that arm into your thigh, and then extend this, the other arm straight out over your head. The “Dristhi” the gaze can either be down at the floor, out to the side, or up to the sky.

The third pose we did was a Restorative Back Bend, and while the first two that we did were really strength and heat building, we build our neck muscles and engage back and core, so now we really want to release some of the tension in our upper back, and so without one, you just put one block where your bra strap would be ladies, you where ladies! Gentlemen just under the shoulders and then the second block will be just under the head. And you can just place the blocks on the floor and then just lay down on the top of them and just as needed again, you should feel no discomfort and you can start with both blocks on, um so this vide level down and then if you want a deep in the back then you can always experiment with um, changing the level of the blocks. So this would be more intense.

So, the fourth pose that we did was the Locust Pose or on Sanskrit called “Shalabasana”, and this pose is an excellent back strengthen and it also build your core muscles and improves posture and you access that pose by lying flat on your belly and from the belly you’ll want to the most accessible way to do this. Just clasping the hand behind the back and lifting the chest up off the floor on inhale. And you can stay here or, about five breaths and release back to the floor just for a moment and then repeat few more times.

So I teach at Gilbert Yoga which is in Gilbert Arizona, I really love helping people who are felling stress or going through the difficult times in their life whether that be chronic pain or kind of traumatic experience really find peace through the yoga, because at the end of the day yoga isn’t about the pose, it’s about creating cultivating greater peace inside your heart, so that no matter what life does to you, or where life takes you, you can just stay calm and peaceful.

Have you tried yoga to alleviate chronic neck pain?

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