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Rocktape – Neck pain

Training video for using Rocktape. Kinesiology tape application for neck pain. Offered you by Rocktape UK.


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Q&A 329 – Parkinson’s, Fungus, Asthma, Migraines, Neck Pain

Questions & Answers 329 Have an inquiry for YouTube? Click the link listed below and also choose “Ask a YouTube inquiry” for your topic. Sun block and also its threats. 07:04– Bryndis– “I am wondering if you could assist me once more. A friend of my daddy is having […]

Let HATERs hate REAL chiropractor helps patient Overcome FEAR & remove NECK pain

Tricia is handling dreadful NECK discomfort that is MAKING her offer with psychological FEAR of chiropractic. She is like a number of my people & youtube subscibers that are obtaining influence by friends and family that really do not recognize chiropractic care. She is also obtaining influenced by my HATERs […]

Is your Arm Pain Coming from your Neck? (3 Tests you can do to tell)

Famous Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck explain 3 tests one could do to inform whether or not their arm pain is in fact coming from their neck. Ensure to like us on FaceBook Look into the Products Bob as well as Brad LOVE on their Amazon Channel: […]