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Neck Pain After Sleeping

avoid neck pain after sleeping

Neck Pain After Sleeping

There’s nothing worse than getting neck pain after sleeping is there? There are ways to avoid this, or if you get this unfortunate problem, a way to ease or cure this annoying condition.

You know what happens. You wake up and your neck feels stiff, you have trouble moving your head one way or another without there being a little pain. Even if you’re in a rush and the avoidance methods discussed here haven’t stopped this happening one day, there is a quick and easy solution to be rid of the pain that will become clear later on this page.

Neck Pain After Sleeping – Make Yourself Comfortable

One of the common problems that can cause neck pain after sleeping is your pillow. Most of us will move around while asleep, but there are times when you will lie in the same position for a long time. Your neck and shoulders need to be supported properly by your pillow or this could place a strain on the ligaments, cervical spine and surrounding muscles.

With so many different kinds of pillow out there, how do you know which is the best one for you? For example, a foam pillow tends to be firm, resilient and fairly dense and has little “give”. If this is the type of pillow you have, it could be that any tight or tired neck muscles will have difficulty in relaxing and getting comfortable quickly. Also, when you wake, your neck may feel stiff from being held so firmly in one place when you’re asleep.

Among the most expensive are feather-filled pillows and these have a tendency to be considerably softer and less supportive than the foam variety. When sleeping, your head can tend to gradually sink down, increasing the stretch on your neck, which might cause pain and stiffness when you wake.

The most commonly available pillows are hollow fiber- or polyester/wool-filled pillows. These are commonly used by allergy sufferers as the filling is made up of hypoallergenic material. The problem that often occurs with these is that the fibers become compressed and lose their resilience in a comparatively short time.

Because most of these offer only one height over the entire pillow, this can alter head and neck alignment, causing discomfort when the user changes position. Another thing, because we all differ in neck thickness and shoulder width, it’s better to have a different height of pillow when lying on the back compared with lying on the side, but this isn’t practical. Because of this, manufacturers have come up with “the semi-customized orthopedic pillow”, which a pillows that vary in shape.

There are, however, problems with these too. These pillows have a central depression to cradle the head, but for this to work, the head needs to remain in the ‘hollow’ which proves difficult because most people change position while sleeping. So that this can be avoided, this kind of pillow is made with a raised area that lies under the neck at the lower edge of the pillow, supporting the neck no matter where the head rests.

When one sees the term ‘orthopedic’, we often assume there is a health benefit. There is, however, no guarantee of this. There has been a lot of encouraging research into these specially shaped pillows. Researchers used radiography to study and compare the neck bones of those using regular and roll-shaped pillows; the conclusion was that the roll-shaped pillows restored the optimal curve of the neck, which helped to decrease discomfort and neck pain while sleeping (Jackson R, The Cervical Syndrome, 4th edn, Charles C. Thomas, 1987).

Neck Pain After Sleeping – A Natural Treatment.

If you’re not able to get any real benefit from using different kinds of pillow and you still suffer from neck pain after sleeping, you will be looking for another effective solution to deal with your problem.

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